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Welcome to my personal web pages. Originally from Los Angeles, I live in Orlando, Florida, with my wife Linda, and our daughter Dani, a student at Northwestern University. Linda is a Technical Director at Walt Disney Imagineering. It's hard to believe we've been married since 1978. I work for Alcorn McBride Inc., the leading provider of Audio, Video, Show and Lighting Control systems to the theme park industry.

I also teach online classes to over a thousand students a year in Imagineering, and Fiction Writing.

I've written several novels and composed some songs. Currently I'm writing a musical, working mostly on the book and lyrics while a friend writes the music.

Other hobbies include collecting and tasting rare old wines from my cellar and fine dining, which I do mostly with the members of a group I started called the Wine Syndicate.

Over the years, both Linda and I have worked on some interesting projects all over the world, and we've also traveled for pleasure. On these pages I've collected some of our favorite pictures of people and places. We hope you enjoy them.

You can also write like me. To send me comments or additional photos, email steve at alcorn dot com.



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