Miniature Projects

In 2022 I started making HO scale buildings, initially using kits by Walthers. It was my first experience airbrushing, although as a kid I had lots of experience painting miniatures. I was amazed at how great the “Same Stuff” glue was for plastic parts. I also discovered that Vellejo now makes the best miniature paints, especially for airbrushing.

I branched out to wooden kits by Bar Mills, where I learned some new weathering techniques. I also developed a way to reverse the image of signs on a laser printer and transfer them to surfaces using polyacrylic. I found I was able to get a lot more detail into this S-scale kit, because of its slightly larger size.

Next I did some Hydrocal cast pieces from Downtown Deco. These are particularly good for creating accurate brick and rock work, because every stone and brick is different.