Alcorn McBride Candids

AMIsalesUnit103Jan2008-1New sales office in unit 103, January 2008



amiemployees2007_034The gang, November 2007. Emilio, Tom, Scott, Tommy, Dave, Joy, Steve, Adam, Glen, Jim, Martin, John, Grace, Audrey, Kelvin, Mike

full_staff_07_bldg_2Kelvin, Adam, John, Audrey, Emilio, Tom, Tommy, Joy, Steve, Jim, Dave, Martin, Mike, Glen, Scott, Grace

gators2007Lunch at Gators before Chris and Lori Harden moved to South Carolina. Joy, Steve, Tommy, Chris, Grace, Lori, Martin, Audrey, Glen, Emilio, Jim, Henry

hurricaneprepChris, Scott and Mike help Ricky load the FedEx truck prior to the arrival of Hurricane Frances, September 2004.

warehouse1Mike fills up the new Alcorn McBride warehouse, March 2004.

mayorOrlando Mayor Glenda Hood visits Alcorn McBride to congratulate us on being in the FAST 50 (one of the fastest growing technology companies in Central Florida) for the third year in a row. (l to r)  David, Martin, Nicole, Dani, Scott, Grace, Chris S., Mayor Hood, Steve, Mike, Tamara, Tom, Jim, Chris H. (In Germany at the time: Jeremy)

jeremy_the_experienceJeremy returns from a trip to find his office redecorated, complete with show control, audio and a disco ball.

mayocakeDavid Mayo’s last day with parting gift and a very special cake.

Photokina_2000_2Photokina 2000 in Cologne Germany.

dave_g_tapedWe taped up David Geoghegan for an ad photo, and boy was it an improvement.

Dave G. and Martin
David Geoghegan and Martin Chaney delicately discuss the fine points of a new design: “Why doesn’t this fit, you friggin’ idiot?!!”

Earl Shuffles Papers
Earl Green trying to get the Krazy Glue off of his teeth.

Golf at Celebration 5-99Four idiots and a golfer at Celebration Golf Course, May 1999: Steve, Tom Gottshalk, Jason Crew, Jeremy Scheinberg and David Mayo. We’ll let you decide who the golfer is (hint: he’s on your right).


Jeremy in the ClosetJeremy Scheinberg’s least favorite picture. (This was before he came out of the closet.)

Jim C and Mike
Jim Carstensen and Mike Polder smirking about something.

Love Acts - IAAPA New Orleans
The infamous Love Acts picture — Jim Janninck and Jim Carstensen in new Orleans for IAAPA.

Mike Disassembles the Space Shuttle
Mike Polder disassembles the space shuttle at Space Center Houston.

Steamwhistle Jim and David M
Jim Carstensen and David Mayo learn the fine points of steam whistle operation. This was actually a work-related project, believe it or not.

Steve (NOT the DVM2 ad)
From the DVM2 advertising photo shoot.

montsoreau_endsHenry Corrado and Steve programming at Chateau Montsoreau in the Loire valley. Is this what they mean when they say “making ends meet”?

xmasparty2001mikesteveXmas party 2001. Our Tech Support department really shines.

grace2007tomcobwebsGrace redecorates Tom’s office after he returns from heart surgery, September 2007.

AMI Banana by Mike

pdlParkwideAudioSept2007011Disneyland Paris parkwide audio and Henry

AMsarlSept2007001Alcorn McBride sarl warehouse in Paris

AMsarlSept2007054Alcorn McBride sarl warehouse in Paris

AlexXmas2014Alex and friend decorated for Christmas 2014.