All So Real

Songs by Steve Alcorn & Jerry Robinson

1973, 1991

As a teenager, I had a sound studio, Starfire Sound, in my parents’ spare room. It was a fairly professional setup, with a non-perpendicular, insulated wall and double glass separating the performance area from the mixing area. At one time I even owned the Ampex 8-track, 1-inch tape deck formerly used by Kate Smith. It was filled with tubes, and stood eight feet high, four feet wide, and weighed hundreds of pounds — a lot like Kate Smith, in fact. The thing never really worked, and all of our songs from the seventies were recorded on a 4-track Teac, mixing tracks down over and over again to create a multi- track (and multi-hiss) effect.

A high school friend of mine, Jerry Robinson, was in a professional touring band. He and I recorded a dozen songs, but some of those have been lost. I also recorded several songs with my guitar teacher, Richard Morrison.

In addition, I produced a number of recordings for clients, and produced and did session work at Spectrum Studios in Venice. Those recordings belong to others, and are not listed here.

In 1991 the newborn Danielle went to France with Linda while she worked on EuroDisney for six months, and I filled my spare time by composing using a Yamaha SY-99 synth. How things had changed! Now I could lay down as many tracks as I wanted, with no degradation, and had an entire orchestra of instruments available to me. The second set of songs listed below reflect this period.

All So Real- Robinson -1973
Can’t Remember the Chords – Alcorn, Robinson -1974
For Cat – Alcorn -1973
Movement 13 – Alcorn, Robinson -1973
For Cat 2 – Alcorn, Morrison – 1973
After We’ve Spent Nights Together Alcorn – 1974
Linda’s Song – Alcorn – 1974
Carousel – Alcorn – 1972
Women Something Women – Alcorn, Robinson, Roden – 1974
Where Rainbows End – Alcorn, Robinson – 1974
Agnus Dei (from the Margolis Unison Mass by our music teacher) – 1972
Carousel – Alcorn -1972
Interesting open mic recording of us composing It’s Easy:
Writing It’s Easy – Alcorn, Robinson – 1972
It’s Easy – Alcorn, Robinson – 1972
These were improvised:
Tune for a Winter Day – Alcorn, Robinson -1972
A Walk In the Grass – Alcorn, Robinson -1972
Nuclear Banjo – Alcorn, Robinson – 1972
I Just Like to Be With You – Alcorn, Robinson – 1972
Electric Piano for Two – Alcorn – 1972
These two seem to have been lost:
Disco Song – Alcorn Morrison – 1974
Goodbye My Friend (Instrumental Version) – Robinson – 1974
Fanfare – Alcorn – 1991
Sonata for Piano and Guitar – Alcorn 1991
Jazz Andante – Alcorn 1991
Waterfall with Strings – Alcorn – 1991
Freeform Piano – Alcorn – 1991
Breezy – Alcorn – 1991
Picatta – Alcorn – 1991
Andrew’s NYC Song – Alcorn – 1991
Linda’s Third Song – Alcorn – 1991
Pianos’ Discourse – Alcorn – 1991
The Cello War – Alcorn – 1991