Los Angeles, Las Vegas & Grand Canyon in Art 1996

Grand Canyon 96
The annual “Return of the WEDI” trip in 1996 went to the Grand Canyon for the only┬átime.

When I travel I like to keep a journal so I can experience the trip again, years later. Now I use a laptop, but when Dani was little both of use kept travel journals using blank books and colored pencils. Here is a journal I made of our December 1996 trip to the West. Photos from this trip may be found in the Family and WEDI sections.

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Bryce, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon 1980

In December 1980 we took a driving trip throughout the western United States, visiting Las Vegas, Zion, Bryce, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon. Linda drove her faithful RX-3 station wagon, while I took photographs. We enjoyed the brisk weather, and the solitude afforded by the nearly empty National Parks.

Utah 1980
Linda’s venerable RX-3 Station Wagon, somewhere in Utah. This picture was taken shortly after we learned what “black ice” was, and we were probably stopped to change our underwear.

Not US89 1980
Yup. This is definitely NOT US-89.

Bryce 1980
Bryce Canyon. We stayed at a colorful place called “Ruby’s Inn”. I’ll never forget the mattress. We finally put it on the floor.

Lake Powell 1980
Lake Powell. It was like glass.

Col River Linda 1980
Sunbathing along the Colorado River. I suggested a bikini, but she was worried about snow.

Col River Steve 1980
This canyon gets much deeper, downstream.

GC Linda 1980
Grand Canyon. Linda held this tree up for a while…

GC Steve 1980
…then I took over.

gc 80
Dangerous to overlook this overlook.

GC Car 1980
We stayed at the El Tovar, and it snowed the night before we left. This was cute until we couldn’t get the car started.