Morocco 1983

In 1983, with the frantic pace of Epcot’s opening behind us, we visited Morocco, on a Disney-sponsored tour. It was exotic, exciting, and tiring. A great experience, but it was nice to get home!

We were met at the Casablanca/Rabat Airport byour guide, who called himself “Missouri”. I think he assumed that none of us could pronounce his real name. He was probably right.
Francie Owen (Walt Disney World), Linda (Walt Disney Imagineering), Glenn (Birket Engineering), and I, touring the ruins in Rabat. This was the first day of our trip, and we had been awake for over 24 hours at this point.
Weaving in the Casbah of Rabat.
Francie’s first taste of mint tea.
A “Souk” or marketplace, in Meknes, on the way to Fez.
The dentist’s booth had a lot of clients. They let him keep the teeth.
Spice merchant.
One of my favorite pictures of Linda, outside one of the king’s many palaces, high in the Atlas Mountains.
Glenn, Francie, Linda and Steve, in the mountains.
Missouri, at the Roman ruins of Volubilis.
Linda, Francie and Glenn at Volubilis.
The entrance to the “Medina”, or old city, in Fez.
Moroccan video arcade.
Inside the Medina. Hang onto your wallet.
Peeking at the tourists.
The butcher. What he doesn’t use goes to….
The Tannery. What a memorable smell: animal hides and horse urine. Only half the tour group made it through.
Selling rugs in Fez.
Linda and Glenn Birket in front of another of the king’s palaces.
A colorful wall in the desert near Marrakech.
Charming Cobras in Marrakech.
Charming Francie in Marrakech.
What?!! Pigeon again?!! The four of us soon split from the tour group at dinner times, and sought out the best French restaurant in each town.
Linda checks out the native mode of transportation in Marrakech.