"Ice, dead ahead, Captain."

Cruising off the coast off Greenland we spotted several things: A large iceberg, whales (actually didn’t see these, but heard reports), and a bright object in the sky; we hear it’s called the sun.

Passing the Iceberg

I liked this juxtaposition of Iceberg and its mortal enemy, Hot Tub:

Ahhh… nothing like fresh caught iceberg:

England, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, New York 2010

By Land and Air and Sea

And so we set out for a three week adventure, first to London, then a peculiar repositioning cruise that will take us to odd places on the way back to New York. Our morning flight from Orlando left us a loooong layover in Atlanta, the price to be paid for free first class tickets on the red eye to London. After hanging out in the Delta lounge we head out over the Atlantic.