Dani as a Baby

Danielle was born March 8, 1991.

Danielle’s Sonograms, about 6 and 7 months before birth.

March 8, 1991. Well I’m glad THAT’S over.

April, 1991. Not bad for a month after giving birth, eh? Linda looks pretty good, too.

Molly Nurse
Molly supervises the nursing. I don’t think she trusted us.

Aunt Hazel Age 94
With Aunt Hazel, Easter 1991. Hazel was 94 at the time. She lived to be 99.

They’re so peaceful when they’re sleeping. All five minutes.

Dean Bottle
Grandpa Dean feeds her.

You think you’re pretty funny, don’t you?

Nicole Nursery
Nicole in the Nursery.

Nicole Nursery 2
Nicole in the Nursery.

Patio Nurse
Doesn’t this kid ever do anything but eat? Oh. Never mind.

Far Out
Far out, man! That is the coolest color I’ve ever seen. Cosmic. Zzzzzz.

Who the hell are you, and where’s my Nanny?

Linda and Danielle 1
“Mommy, never leave Dan Dan alone.”

Deranged Dad
Deranged Dad.


Norv Duck
Pop Pop gives her a duck.

She really liked that duck.

Prepare for takeoff.

It_s for You
Here. It’s for you. I think they’re selling something.

Sink Bath
Sea hunt.

February 1992
Linda was still in France when this was taken in February 1992. Fortunately, she’d been home at Christmas to see Danielle’s first steps, and visited most weekends thereafter.

Phone 2-92
Yup. Definitely a salesman. February 1992.

Danielle 3-8-92
This is the best birthday cake I ever wore! Thanks for a great year, guys. March 8, 1992.