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Livorno, Italy

Two quiet days recuperating on the ship, with not too much to look at, since Livorno was heavily damaged during WWII and hasn’t been rebuilt with anything but functionality in mind. The first day was raining all day, so our … Continue reading

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Civitavecchia, Italy

Well, Rome’s port isn’t the most attractive place in the world. It’s also not particularly close to Rome, almost 2 hours away in traffic. As it turned out, it didn’t matter, because I got sick and had to get some … Continue reading

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Amalfi, Italy

Today we arrived in Amalfi, a picturesque city on the Italian coast that shares its name. Contrary to reports, the shops were almost all open, even though it was Sunday, a last chance for the shopkeepers before the season ends. … Continue reading

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Taormina, Sicily

We spent a pleasant couple of hours in Taormina, a medieval city converted to a pedestrian tourist shopping street, on top of a hill in Sicily. The weather has warmed up to 71, and we had an alfresco lunch at … Continue reading

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Europe 2007

Rome, Switzerland, Paris, London Friday, June 29, 2007 Orlando to London For Dani’s 16th birthday she asked to take her friend Christina, to Europe. This is the journal of that trip. The only time Christina has been out of the … Continue reading

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Europe 2004

Rome, Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Pisa, Athens, Ephesus, Monte Carlo, Barcelona Tuesday, June 8, 2004 Orlando to Paris Last month Linda sold her Mitsubishi Eclipse to a friend and is driving a rental car until the 2005 RX8s are available, … Continue reading

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Europe 2001

London, Paris, Rome with Dani Saturday, July 28, 2001 Orlando In the spring Linda informed Danielle and me that she would be too busy to travel this summer. So Danielle and I began looking for something interesting to do, and … Continue reading

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