Honeymoon 1978

Linda and I were married March 25, 1978. That night we flew to San Francisco and spent several days at the St. Francis hotel, then flew and drove to Yosemite for the rest of the week.

Ahwahnee 3-30-78 Automatic Human Jukebox   Vernal Steve  Vernal Linda St. Francis 3-25-78   Ahwahnee Porch Golden Gate Park Steve Too Much HoneymoonThe St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, March 25, 1978.

Honeymoon Myopia
We call this “Honeymoon Myopia”. In the rush to leave L.A., Linda forgot her glasses. After the long wedding day, her contact lenses were bothering her, so we went “sightseeing” the day after our wedding with me playing seeing-eye dog. Here she is on the Balclutha, peering at the informational plaque.

Balclutha Linda
Aboard the Balclutha.

Balclutha Steve
Well, at least she got the camera pointed in almost the right direction.

We never got around to the Champagne on our wedding night. This is the day after, and we’re about to polish it off while watching “The Wizard of Oz” on TV. Really.

This postcard, with our room circled, was sent by Linda to her Grandmother McBride three days after our wedding.

Golden Gate Park Linda
Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Park Steve
Golden Gate Park.

Automatic Human Jukebox
One of the world’s great pan handling scams, “The Human Jukebox”.

Ahwahnee 3-30-78
The Ahwanee Hotel, Yosemite, March 30, 1978.

Ahwahnee Porch
Our room at the Ahwanee had a private porch the size of Rhode Island.

Vernal Linda
Top of Vernal Falls.

Vernal Steve
Top of Vernal Falls.

Too Much Honeymoon
Too much honeymoon.