The New Millennium in Williamsburg, January 1, 2000

We saw the new Millennium (or Millennium-1, depending upon how you count) in
at Williamsburg, where my father lives on the Kingsmill Golf Course. As usual,
we traveled by auto train. New Year’s Eve was spent at a black tie party at
the Williamsburg Inn.

This was the first outing for my new Fujifilm MX-2700 (1800×1200) camera, with which I am
quite pleased.

For Christmas both Danielle and
Linda got Legos — about 3000 in all! That should keep them busy.
Waiting to board the train. Our
car is already loaded.
Sewing lessons while waiting for
the train to board.
Keeping busy aboard the train by
making a stocking for Nicole’s cat, Nipper. The sewing kit was a request
to Santa.
Relaxing in our cabin.
Journal writing.
They are constructing a
“kitchen” behind one of the houses in Colonial Williamsburg,
using 18th century techniques, of course. But wait. What’s that metal
scaffolding? After they’d already built an 18th century scaffold, OSHA
made them use a 20th century one. Your tax dollars at work.
One of the things Colonial
Williamsburg is known for at Christmas is its decorations, which use all
natural ingredients, in the style of the 18th century. The average wreath
is replaced once or twice during the Christmas season because of
squirrels! This one is made of dried and fresh flowers.
Here is another wreath that I
liked. This one incorporates pomegranates, wheat and feathers.
Another edible wreath.
The stocks. One of only two times
on the trip that Danielle wasn’t wiggling.
The other time.
When you’ve grown up in Florida,
ice in a barrel is a real novelty. Hard to believe that two days later it
was 72 degrees.
The only thing better than a
frozen barrel? A frozen pond.
Lunch with Pop Pop at the King’s
Mill Country Club.
Danielle and Pop Pop both like
projects. This one is a crystal radio kit.
Clowning around while building a
crystal radio with Pop Pop..
Golfing on the Woods course at
Our porch at the Williamsburg
lodge overlooked a duck pond. It was cold for the first two days, then
turned unseasonably warm to welcome in the new year.
Playing Ginnie’s piano. Danielle
picked out a whole Christmas carol.
Black Tie New Year’s Eve party at
the Williamsburg Inn.
Danielle learned the Foxtrot, Cha
Cha, and a bit of the Swing.
Steve and Linda dancing just
before the stroke of midnight.
I call this simply
“Millennium Tongue”.
That must make this
“Millennium Top Hat”.
Carriage ride in Colonial
Aboard the carriage. Danielle is
wearing her New Year’s Eve party favor — a tiara.
Jack and Jill (not necessarily in
that order).
In jail.
Tree climbing.
Danielle works on her journal in
the top bunk as we head home in a new millennium.