Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Today we visited The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, one of Alcorn McBride’s largest midwest installations. We were greeted by Meredith, the curator of the new Women in Rock exhibit, who gave us a fabulous personal tour of the exhibit. Then we spent about two hours touring the rest of the exhibits on our own, finally meeting Rob, the technical manager, for a peek backstage. They have the largest stack of installed LightCues that I’ve seen.

Throughout our time at the museum I was impressed by how the exhibits engaged their guests. The artifacts are really interesting, and the interpretive material is just the right amount— informative without being overwhelming. I was also impressed by how friendly all of the employees were. A very nice attraction.

We had a late but light lunch at Shooters on the water, and watched a really, really large ship squeeze under the railroad bridge and up the river.

Dinner was at Michael Symon’s Lola. It’s on 4th Avenue, a cute pedestrian street with lots of restaurants. Good meal, but not sure how he won the James Beard award as the best chef in the midwest.