13 Vintages of Dominus

Ron Siegel set up this tasting at Vintage Vino in Kissimmee, with dinner provided from the restaurant next door, Chef John’s Lakeside. We were joined by Keith and Parla Edwards. I contributed a bottle of the 1986 Dominus.

I hadn’t ever had much Dominus except for the 1991, so it was fun to trace the development of the wine from the first vintage to the most recent. Wisely, Ron had us taste the three youngest wines first, then we skipped back to the beginning. This essentially arranged the wines in order from least to most interesting.

NV Duvall Leroy Brut Champagne
Pleasant, astringent, simple, 88

Chewy, cherries, mint chocolate, 96

Tight, floral, perfume, tannic finish, 93

Very tight, chalky, vanilla, tannic, 92

Very aromatic, floral, figs, vanilla, tannin, tannin, meat, 91

1984 (first release, even though it was the second year)
Coffee, menthol, earthy, slightly short, 93

Coffee, burnt, still tight, tannic, 96

Stewed vegetable, old bay seasoning, curry, long 96

Coffee, curry, short, black pepper, 94

Vegetal, thin, short, 90

Mint, coffee, vanilla, 92

Tight, green, 90

Coffee, ripe fruit, tobacco, like the 1985, vanilla, opulent, ash, 99

Bay seasoning, curry, like the 1986, pepper, spice, 98

Note to self: Buy more 85, 86, 94

Dauvissat les Preus Grand Cru Chablis
Oak, vanilla, chalk, dried fruit roll up, 94

NV Jaques Selosse Initiale Brut
Wow! WOTN. Toast, yeast, buttered toast, vanilla, oxidation, 98

1978 Chambertin Jaboulet Vercherre
Disappointing. Nose of dried roses but tight and short, 88

1976 BV George de la Tour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (from Keith)
Perfect bottle. Youthful , cedar, 98

2004 Domaine Pigalle Chateauneuf du Pape
Soft, vanilla 91

1989 Hermitage Domaine J L Chaves
Bacon, traditional old Rhone, smoke, 93