Forbidden Caverns

Dani and I took a day trip to Eastern Tennessee to see Forbidden Caverns. I think in the past it might have been called Blowing Cave, but the PR guys changed it for obvious reasons. In any event, it’s on Blowing Cave Road and there’s a Blowing Cave Baptist Church nearby.

It’s a really great cave, probably the best I’ve toured. Since it’s a wet cave, there are lots of formations, including North America’s biggest flowstone formation. This is a much better cave than Mammoth Cave, and the tour is a nice walk, with only about 60 steps, but suitably twisty. There’s also a river running through the cave that comes out of the mountain a half mile away at the “You Hook ‘Em, We Cook ‘Em” trout fishery.

We also stopped at The Old Grist Mill for a photo op, and then had lunch at the Bush’s Baked Beans Visitor Center, which was packed. Don’t laugh. It’s a lovely new facility with one of the best corporate films I’ve seen, all about their automated factory.

Back at The Residences at Biltmore, I got caught up with my classes while Dani edited a movie she shot of a Northwestern play. For dinner we’re walking to a nearby Mediterranean restaurant, Rezaz.