Alcorn McBride Christmas Cheese Bread Recipe

In a small pot scald (means heat to just barely bubbling):

   1 1/2  cups    Milk

   Whilst heating milk, grate and toss with a small amount of flour:

       6 oz          Extra sharp cheddar cheese

   Turn off heat and stir with a wooden spoon into hot milk:

      1/3 cup      Sugar

      1/4 cup      Butter

      1 Tbs         Salt

                        Prepared grated cheese (gradually)

   Let cool until warm to the touch.  

Meanwhile in a large non metallic mixing bowl combine for 5 minutes:

   1/2 cup      105 degree water

    2 pkgs      Active dry yeast

    Add and beat well:

        1           Egg

     Stir in milk/cheese mixture.


     5.5 cups    Flour

Stir into milk/cheese mixture with wooden spoon until blended:

      3 cups    Sifted Flour

Tip wet dough onto a floured surface and knead in about 2.5 cups more sifted flour for about 10 minutes.  Put dough back in bowl and cover with slightly dampened towel and allow to double in bulk.

Once dough has doubled punch down and divide into (8) portions.  Form into rectangular loaves.  Brush (8) mini loaf pans generously with melted butter and place on large baking pan. Rotate dough rectangles into prepared loaf plans so both sides are buttered.  Allow to double bulk again.

Preheat oven to 375.  

Bake for about 25-30 minutes checking for excessive browning at about 20 minutes.  Whack the top of the loaves with the dull side of a knife listening for a hollow sound which indicates doneness.