France 1991

Danielle was born in 1991. When she was six months old, Linda, Danielle and Nicole moved to Paris for the EuroDisneyland installation. Danielle and Nicole stayed for three months, and Linda stayed on for an additional three months. Steve made several trips over to visit, and during 1992 Linda visited Florida seemingly every weekend. Talk about a commute!

Lusanne 10-91
Lusanne, Switzerland. We took the TGV high speed train through the mountains, and stayed at the Palace Hotel for several days.

Trailer Exterior
Exterior of the trailer at the Davey Crocket campground, EuroDisney.

Trailer Interior
Trailer interior.

Don’t look behind the couch. Everything was covered with mold.

Black Skirt
Now that I can stand, let’s hit the disco!

San Malo 1 1991
San Malo in Normandy.

San Malo 2 1991
View into our hotel in San Malo.

Mont St. Michel 1991
On top of Mont St. Michel.