Little Palm Island 1990, 1993

One of our favorite places to relax is Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys. With only fourteen grass huts, each with its own hammock, it’s a very private place. Fortunately, there’s also a five star restaurant. We visited in 1990, when Linda was pregnant, and again in 1993, although we endured several inches of rain on that trip.

Little Palm Boat
You arrive by boat…

Little Palm 1 1990
…at a tiny island a few miles off the keys. This is where PT-109 was filmed. It was long a private retreat, but now accommodates a handful of guests, who relax, play, recreate, and dine in the five-start restaurant.

LIttle Palm Hut
There are fourteen of these grass-thatched huts.

Little Palm 2 1990
Lush plantings of Palm trees lend the island a South Seas flavor.

Little Palm 3 1990
The rooms really have thatched roofs…

Little Palm 4 1990
…but they’re far from austere.

Little Palm 5 1990
And the best seat on the island is the hammock outside your door.