A Very Short Cruise with Linda

I rented a car. Because I wanted one with an audio jack (so I could use the TomTom nav program in the iPhone) I ended up with a Toyota Prius. It takes a bit of getting used to driving a hybrid, but it’s a decent car.

I picked Linda up at Midway and we slogged through lots of traffic to get to Topolobampo, Rick Bayless’ high end Mexican restaurant. The guacamole and Linda’s ceviche sampler were particularly good, as was my molĂ©.

We spent a couple of hours at the Field Museum, mostly looking at the Egyptian relics. It’s a good collection that they’ve tried to put in context by creating a fake tomb, but the experience doesn’t really work, and there isn’t any successful storytelling. Also, the signage is not really good for kids or scholars, just sort of wordy but shallow.

We drove to Navy Pier for a dinner cruise. It was a beautiful evening that afforded a great view of Chicago as the sun set. The food was okay, except for the entree, and the Odyssey ship was nice.. They were using only one of three decks, but the live trio played all styles of music. (Apparently on busy nights they have a different band on each deck.) After dinner there were impressive fireworks launched from a barge about 200 yards away.