My head was a bit better today, but I mostly took it easy. I fixed Dani a steak sandwich for lunch using the leftover strip steak from last night, and then went to Sashimi Sashimi for sushi while her tutor, Lee, was here.

I also stopped into the last two coffee houses I know of: Starbucks, which was packed with people standing in line — I used their restroom but couldn’t bring myself to order their coffee; and Cosi, which is almost next door to Starbucks, serves the same types of coffee, and was empty. I had a mocha there and read an interesting article on Instapaper about the development of phone phreaks in 1971.

For dinner I made Indian Butter Curry Chicken and froze the leftovers in three separate meals for two that she can use next quarter. I must say the freezer is pretty much full of ready made meals as a result of the last seven weeks.